Your deck or fence can add years of beauty to your home if properly maintained. Keeping them in top condition ensures their structural integrity as well. Not only will your deck or fence remain beautiful with our cleaning and restoration process, but safe and functional as well. Flooring Design France Wood pvt ltd has been in the business of restoring decking, façade, gates & fences since 2006. .

Is it important to maintain decking or cladding?

Your deck or cladding can add years of beauty to your home if properly maintained. The Entrance Gate which make Keeping them in top condition ensures their structural integrity as well. Not only will your deck or fence remain beautiful with our cleaning and restoration process, but safe and functional as well.

estoration process

A wooden deck, Cladding or Gate is a considerable investment. Rot and decay can take their toll over time. Protect these structures by cleaning and restoring them regularly. When Exterior Wood Restoration is on the job, you can expect the following steps:

1. Evaluation Our process starts with an evaluation of your deck or fence by our sales staff. They are trained to determine the present condition of your deck or fence and recommend the appropriate treatment. A free estimate of the total cost for the project is provided.

2. Gentle power wash Our power wash gently cleans your wood surface of all dirt, debris, mold and algae. Our imported Products like DeckBriteis used to bring the old grains of the wood to life so that oiling can be started. Having a thoroughly clean surface ensures the best outcome for our conditioner and stain.

3. Condition the wood After cleaning, we apply a conditioner with wood brighteners that restore wood back to its original color as well as removing any nail bleeds or marks. Our staff then tightens any loose screws or nails in preparation for Oiling.

4. Our crew will return to your project once the desk or fence has had ample time to dry. Then our team will start the refurbishing work using sandpaper by machines and bring the wood to make it smooth surface which brings out original texture & grains to make it ready for oiling.

5. Finish with environmentally friendly stain Before applying Exterior Oil, we carefully protect your landscaping and sidewalks from any excess product. We then treat the wood with two wet-on-wet coats of ourWATCO® Exterior Oiling 6. OurWATCO® Exterior Oils are imported from USA contains transparent iron oxide pigments that let the natural beauty of wood show through. Its castor oil base hydrates wood while three different resins work together to protect wood for many years to come & has a proven service life of three to five years.

hat if your pergola, gazebo or exterior furniture needs to be cleaned or restored?

Flooring Design France Wood can handle that, too. Often people assume that the vertical nature of pergolas and gazebos doesn't require the same care as a horizontal deck since water runs off these surfaces. However, to preserve their beauty, these structures also require attention. We recommend cleaning and treating your pergola or gazebo every five years.


Using our WATCO® wood Protectant oil, we provide a three year warranty on decks and a five year warranty on fences. Reference http://www.extwoodrest.com/


1. We begin our refinishing process by cleaning the wood to remove surface contaminants such as dirt, mold, algae, and previous coatings. Old coatings can be tough to remove and may need additional cleaning techniques to help break them down. The wood will need to go through a drying period before it is ready for the next step, sanding. Wood type and climate will determine how fast the wood will dry.

2. Sanding is the next step in our refinishing process. Sanding will not only remove remaining contaminants cleaning doesn’t quite eliminate, it also exposes fresh new wood, opens the grain, and smooths the surface all in one. Thorough sanding is the most crucial step in refinishing and also the most skipped because it is very difficult, but absolutely necessary. Employing the use of floor, belt, orbitals, and good old fashioned hand sanding to get into intricate railings, stairways, and flooring ensures every detail is restored.

3. The wood needs to be cleaned after sanding to remove residual dust and contaminants from the grain. We clean with wood brightener to remove dust, eliminate contaminants, and promote the natural color of the wood, all in one. Wood brightener also helps prevent unwanted growth of black mold, algae, and mildew.

4. Extensive preparation is the only way to ensure optimal results. The final step is application of the protective coating. Your specific wood type, coupled with the look or color you are trying to achieve, will determine the best protective coating. We use fine oil base sealers for Redwood, Ipe, Teak, Mangaris, Cumaru, and all other woods. Water based products are also available in solid stains for a clean even look for almost any wood type. We apply all of our coatings by brush to ensure each and every piece of wood receives maximum penetration and saturation.
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